Chairman's Message

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

It is a matter of pride to pen down a message for the website of GD Goenka Public School. Education is the basis of all progress. Its purpose is to inculcate humanitarian values, wisdom, compassion, courage and reliability in students. Academic excellence along with active participation in co-curricular activities complete the process of education and it gives me immense pleasure that the school is progressing in all its endeavours towards the overall development of the students. Children are similar to seeds, and parents and teachers need to play the role of gardeners, but, not of potters. Our role is to nurture the children, rather than moulding them.The aim behind starting GD Goenka Public School is that quality education should be available at all levels and for all. It is my positive belief that all children have the qualities to be successful.

What am I will decide what I would be. My existence with my vision and mission today for tomorrow will lead me to be an achiever. The education one receives must prepare one to be an independent thinker and innovatively creative to explore and attain the bliss. This is what a child is supposed to be given without compromising the moral and ethical values. We, at GDGPS, Gwalior, extend its students to be inquisitive and to wake up the dormant talents to materialize in the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual spheres. This “Temple of Learning” is looking forward to nurture young children of character, competence, attitude and passion to prepare them for balanced and healthy thinkers to make contribution in making this society and the planet earth a better place to live in.

The core of a being lies in what one learns and acquires from the life spent at school. A person moves on with the torch showing the light to oneself and others from the never ending oil of knowledge. This knowledge will dispel the darkness from the lives of many. This noble.

task is rendered in this “TEMPLE OF LEARNING”, by adhering to the pillars-STRONGER, HIGHER and BRIGHTER as the DOORSTEP TO GLOBAL EDUCATION. An abode of learning, GDGPS strives to provide the best by supplementing the best faculties and facilities in Gwalior to make every blooming bud to spread the fragrance of ethos and values to be future ready denizens.

I am sure that the vision and mission of the school will surely be achieved by every GOENKAN. Therefore, give your valuable treasure to GDGPS in making a FUTURE READY GLOBAL CITIZEN for the BEST to happen.

Let us redefine education at school with our dedicated and sincere efforts.

With best complements
Mr. Girraj Bansal