GD GOENKA is an institution which was envisaged to provide young students with a healthy environment to nurture themselves cognitively, intellectually, artistically and athletically; along with imbibing our moral and cultural values, which will enable them to become responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

Our core teaching methodologies focus on a colourful blend of traditional classroom learning combined with extensive sports facilities, wide range of extra-curricular activities, numerous social and cultural events and similar special occasions, which ensure a holistic approach to our students’ overall growth and progress.

Our caring teachers devote themselves to our students and their needs every day; while being their guardian, mentor and friend too.

At GDGPS, our curriculum is designed with the objective to constructively ignite our young students’ minds and positively navigate their vibrant energy towards building a better and brighter future for India and the World.

We also firmly believe in creating an atmosphere for collaborative learning; wherein our students grow with experiences from the outside world - their surroundings, their families, their peers and through their deep bonds of friendship.


With our well-researched curriculum, modern teaching methodologies and wide range of extra-curricular activities and facilities, we, at GDGPS constantly strive to make our students STRONGER with fascinating learning experiences every single day.


At GDGPS, we aspire to provide our students with holistic education across the learning spectrum. We guide our students to nurture their own interests and then channelise their fresh energy towards harnessing their special talents and abilities; whether academic or otherwise. As a result of this organic process, our students also get an insight into their own strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes, their passion and motivation. As the old saying goes, “Knowing others is wisdom, knowing thyself is enlightenment.” Thus, the door to a BRIGHTER future is open here.


Empowering students for a better tomorrow and to make them reach HIGHER, is at the heart of GDGPS. We at GDGPS believe in the saying that the sky is the limit and we strive forward to make it happen with the best by the best. Giving a spark of knowledge or curiosity to a child would enthuse to bring about the best in the child.

“He who knows not, knows not, he knows not, he is a fool shun him. He who knows not and he knows not, he is simple teach him. He, who knows and knows not that he knows, he is asleep, awaken him. He, who knows and knows that he knows, he is wise, follow him.”