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Kids Love the Way We Treat Them

The Time demands every person to have a ‘CLEAR VISION’ for tomorrow. This demand of every human being is fulfilled at G. D. Goenka Public School Gwalior, “The Doorstep to Global Education”. BRIGHTER, HIGHER and STRONGER are our pillars of success and we strive forward to enhance and equip every GOENKAN to achieve the SMART GOALS that are imbibed and inculcated. The activities provided in the school will create the habits of self-awareness, self regulation, self-motivation and selflessness which prove to be the stepping stones in their ultimate journey of becoming enlightened human beings

We are Top Education Platform in Gwalior

Our Vision

GD Goenka Gwalior stands tall to emerge as a centre of excellence and an epitome of success in the realm of education by introducing creative and effective solutions to meet the changing emotional, physical and educational needs of the students.

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Our Mission

GD Goenka Gwalior looks forward to prepare each student to become strong- physically, intellectually and emotionally by inculcating attributes of keen learning, serving the society and remaining associated with morals values along with being confident, creative and having a global outlook.

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Our Facilities

Innovative Goenka

Moulding a child’s mind requires the precision of a sculptor who works with a tiny chisel and huge hammer. Each right stroke adds a new dimension to the multi-faceted character of a child. GDGPS has a well experienced team of teachers who ensures all round development of the children. The teachers at GDGPS patiently nurture the tender minds and cultivate a good soul in an able body. The importance of co-curricular activities has recognized the world over. By providing a stimulating milieu in the school, the students are encouraged to participate in arts to organize exhibitions, seminars and symposia, quiz contests and poetry recitation competitions.

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